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Afters Ice Cream is a one-of-a-kind dessert experience with a unique story. Created by its founders to revolutionize the ice cream market. Afters has made its mark in pop culture history as the pioneer in the emerging food trend scene, drawing unprecedented crowds in search for their unique, premium product and experience. While Afters Ice Cream was able to capitalize on the trend upon opening in Fountain Valley, California in February 2014 with its handcrafted ice cream and signature ice cream stuffed warm donut called the "Milky Bun" by CEO, Scott Nghiem. It's strong, consistent brand identity embodying a sense of culture, lifestyle and belonging in the age of social media is what has allowed Afters to break through the old-fashion ice cream shop marketing and develop as a formidable and revolutionary business beyond the trend. Independently owned and operated, Afters Ice Cream now has over twenty-five successful locations in Southern California with several additional planned openings in the near future.


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