Rooted in Mediterranean food and hospitality, SAJJ takes food to a personal level with its emphasis on customizability. Zayid Ayoub founded SAJJ in 2012 with the mission to provide healthful food built on the street food classics like falafel and shawarma he enjoyed in his youth as a Jordan native. With locally sourced produce and hormone-free halal proteins, your creation will always be wholesome, healthy, and delicious, no matter what you choose. Top off your salad, rice bowl, or wrap with nearly a dozen authentic sauces, condiments, pickles, and salads to make every meal an adventure. 


The best local restaurantsunder one roof

Local Kitchens is a micro food hall that lets you mix-and-match your favorite local restaurants in one easy order.

The Melt
Proposition Chicken
Oren's Hummus
Nash and Proper
Humphry Slocombe
Milk Bar
Square Pie Guys

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