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Nopalito Taqueria

Traditional Mexican, SF Inspired

Chef Gonzalo Guzman

Explore a curated menu of classic Mexican dishes by James Beard Award-winning chef Gonzalo Guzman. Leveraging generations-old recipes and the freshest ingredients, this takeout menu is an extension of his renowned San Francisco restaurant.
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Nopalito Taqueria

When the original Nopalito opened its doors in San Francisco in 2009, owner and head chef Gonzalo Guzman hoped to create a menu of traditionally inspired dishes that would celebrate both his heritage and the joy of connecting with others over a good meal. Having grown up in Mexico working the land and helping to prepare food for his family, Gonzalo was passionate about incorporating an appreciation for seasonal ingredients, community, and techniques passed down through generations. Nopalito Taqueria is inspired entirely by this tradition, using the same choice ingredients and polished recipes to perfectly blend flavor and freshness. The resulting menu is a fast take on distinctive flavors, combining from-scratch Mexican cooking with the vibrant, local ingredients of the Bay Area.


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