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Rooster & Rice

Thai Chicken & Rice

Healthy, simple, and clean Asian recipes from the Bay Area.
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Rooster & Rice

Rooster & Rice first opened in 2015 in San Francisco’s Marina District. Founders Bryan Lew & Chef Thomas Charoen wanted to create a simple, healthy, and accessible take on the Thai classic Khao Mun Gai, or ‘chicken rice’ -- and the idea immediately resonated with hungry San Franciscans across the city. While the menu is streamlined - it features just four variations of the chicken & rice bowl - it is anything but boring. Made fresh daily with organic ingredients and garnished with herbs and veggies, flavorful chicken broth, and the signature Mother Sauce (Chef Thomas’ own mother’s recipe!) Rooster & Rice’s is a favorite of Bay Area diners looking for a nourishing and healthy meal.


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