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Proposition Chicken

Handcrafted Chicken

Indulge in crispy fried or succulent oven-roasted chicken, dusted with signature Proposition Chicken spice blend, served on a fluffy potato bun or atop a salad. This takeout menu preserves Proposition Chicken flavors for the journey to your plate.
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Proposition Chicken

Founded in San Francisco in 2013 by TV competition-winning local chef Ari Feingold, Proposition Chicken has become well known for serving chicken that goes three ways - fried, flipped, or fake. They’re widely respected for the quality of their chicken and homemade recipes. Now served "On the Fly", this collaboration between Ari and Local Kitchens features progressive flavors like candied jalapeños and a custom spice blend, bringing the spirit of Proposition Chicken into a takeout-friendly style.


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